Sunday, May 11, 2008

American Ignorence On Muslims

Ignorance is the condition of being uninformed or uneducated, lacking knowledge or information.

The defanition above is for the people out there that are "Igorent" or basically stupid when it comes to Islam.

The sad reality in the video above is that there are many places and people that treat Muslim women and men the way that it showed.

ABC News did a great job on this and hopefully people will think twice before thinking negatively.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kobe MVP?

Ahh! This is VERY hard for me to say but I must. Kobe should and will be MVP this year. This to me and for people that have known me over time is BREAKING NEWS because I'm one of the biggest Kobe hater out there.

Kobe has finally figured out how to lead his team into the Playoffs after watching countless hours of Lebron James and T-Mac videos. Kobe had finally figured out that all he had to do was "PASS" the ball to his teammates when he is being double teamed or in tough situations. I believe he is NOW finally playing the best basketball of his career and making his teammates around him better.

I know I know all these Kobe lovers sending me links to when Kobe had 10 assists and so on back in 05 but its just not the same. Kobe now in the 07-08 season is passing and making plays for is teammates "Consistently", Even when its down to the wire Kobe is now trusting his team and passing the ball to them even when it comes down to the wire. With great talent comes great responsibility and he is making the best of it right now; THAT is what makes a superstar.

He is averaging:
Pts: 28.3
Ast: 5.4
Reb: 6.3

With those numbers and watching him pass the ball to his teammates during the regular season and playoffs is beautiful!

All Due Respects To: Chris Paul, KG, and Lebron James